Project PENCIL Teachers’ Guide


Project PENCIL provides information, tips, and strategies to help teachers of students with chronic illnesses. The Project PENCIL Teachers’ Guide contains eight concrete steps to help you support students with chronic illnesses in your classroom. The Guide includes extensive information about federal regulations and additional resources. The Guide use case studies, handouts, checklists, and infographics to help teachers apply the information to apply the information in their classroom.


Chapter One: Introduction to the Teachers’ Guide. Chapter One describes the content and purpose of the Guide and suggests how best to use the Guide.
Chapter Two: Eight Steps to Success. Chapter Two explains the eight steps that you should take to successfully manage the education of a child with a chronic illness.
Chapter Three: Legal Protections for Children with Chronic Illnesses. Chapter Three provides an overview of the federal regulations that protect access to education for children with chronic illnesses.
Chapter Four: Additional Resources. Chapter Four provides more information on topics beyond the scope of this Guide and recommendations for further reading.
Chapter Five: Appendices. Chapter Five contains worksheets to help you support the child with a chronic illness in your classroom.